The First Turn

This is the third installment in our series showcasing the Historic Markers placed around the original race circuit on the public roads in Elkhart Lake.

Irving W. Robbins, Jr. #18 of Palo Alto, California in a Cunningham C2-R. Photo looking northeast during Sunday’s main race for the Elkhart Lake Cup. Robbins’, who finished 10th overall, gets sideways at The Marsh Turn, where CTH P turns east onto CTH J.  (Third race – Sunday, September 7, 1952) (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake)

As organized road racing began with the 1950 Elkhart Lake Road Races, the drivers of that year were the first and only ones to have the opportunity to charge this first turn. The turn, known as “The Marsh Turn,” is a right turn off County P on to County J.  

The only turn used in all three road-racing years. Named for its proximity to the Sheboygan County Marsh

– Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake

This marker was donated by Jim Dentici and Carl Raclin in honor of automobile racing in God’s Country. After the initial race in 1950, the circuit was changed from 3.35 miles to 6.5 miles. This first turn is the only one that remained as part of the new and expanded course (1951 and 1952).