This Is Where It Started

This is the second installment in our series showcasing the Historic Markers placed around the original race circuit on the public roads in Elkhart Lake.

We’ve all heard or know of the story of how it all began.  How Chicago Region member and Wisconsin native Jim Kimberly brought a group up to the Elkhart Lake area searching for a suitable site for a race circuit.  Their search identified roads just north of the lake and downtown Elkhart Lake. The circuit for 1950 was 3.35 miles long and traversed County Road P, north bound turning right at County J heading toward town and then turning right again on County JP (Birchwood Dr.).  

The 1950 Start/Finish line located on County Road P (0.4 miles north of Birchwood (County Road JP) is where it started.  The historical marker at this location identifying the 1950 Start/Finish was donated by Augie Pabst in honor of Briggs Cunningham and Alfred Momo.  The marker inscription reads “Four races were held on the 1950 circuit.  First place in the sixty-mile main event went to Jim Kimberly driving a Ferrari Tipo 166.” (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake)

Sunday, July 23, 1950
Elkhart Lake 3.35 mile circuit
Race 1Novice RaceCars 1500 cc and underTen Laps (33.5 miles)
Race 2 Novice RaceCars over 1500 cc Ten Laps (33.5 miles)
Race 3 Ladies RaceCars both classesFive Laps (16.8 miles)
Race 4Main EventExpert driversTwenty Laps (67 miles)
MG’s lined up in front of the milk house at the Theel farm on County highway P, before start of race (either Novice or Ladies) on Sunday, July 23, 1950. In middle is car #3 blue MG-TD of Lawrence Whiting, Jr. from Lake Geneva, WI. Behind it is car #18 black/blue MG-TD of George A. Seaverns from Lake Forest, IL. (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake)