Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice of Annual Meeting

 2023 Chicago Region, SCCA General Membership Meeting 

“75 Years of Momentum” 

The Chicago Region Board of Directors invites you to join us for our next General Membership meeting which will be the Region’s Annual Meeting.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at Blackdog Speed Shop, 600 Barclay Blvd, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. There is always something interesting to look at Blackdog, from the race cars to the cars in the shop and in the showroom.   

“RE” Roger Vilmur had announced the three candidates nominated to serve on the Region’s Board of Directors, Linda Novak, Rich Walke, and Heather Ingram, they will be elected to the BoD at the November Annual Membership Meeting.   Leaving the Board will be Ed Locke, and Michael Varacins.  We hope you can attend this gathering of club members and guest, meet the current and new members of the Board of Directors and thank Ed and Mike for their service to the club.  

The Region is also going to take this opportunity to acknowledge our members at this Membership Meeting.  The Chicago Region is fortunate to have many loyal and long-term members, which participate and support the Region.  We are going to present anniversary pins to recognize those that have reached a milestone year of membership.  We are also going to recognize and thank our committee volunteers for all their time and support with our Committee Service gift as a memento of their service to the Region in 2023. We hope all those invited in both groups can attend to be honored!

So come join us won’t you, visit with friends, enjoy the Blackdog experience, and share with us as we bring the Chicago Region’s yearlong celebration of “75 Years of Momentum” to a close.