The 2023 Chicago Region SCCA Fall Tour

The 2023 Chicago Region SCCA Fall Tour

“75 Years of Momentum”

Brought to you by GOATS “Get Out and Tour Series”

“In 0.54 miles turn right at the stop sign for Rt.23 follow County A directions to continue on A (get left quickly).” 

Sounds simple right, and it was, but not until you arrived at the location and saw what the route instructions were telling you to do.  Our Rally Master John Sutton out did himself this time. Now I know if you ask him, he’ll tell you the roads were to flat, not enough elevation change, or to straight, not enough curves, etc.  But that’s because he’s a perfectionist, and has done so many of these tours, that it allows him to be particular about the route.    

As part of the Chicago Region SCCA 75th anniversary celebration, on October 21st the Chicago Region put on a special G.O.A.T.S. (Get Out and Tour Series) event celebrating “75 Years of Momentum”.  For those that joined us they had a very enjoyable day.  It was sunny, a bit cool, with sixteen drivers and navigators all gathered and chomping at the bit to hit the backroads as it were.  We had a variety of cars entered, there was a Lotus Evora GT, a Viper, several Porsches, and three generations of Miatas, Corvettes, a Maserati, and a BMW 128i.  It was quite a show of cars which looked very impressive all lined up at the end point on Lake Street in Elkhart Lake.  As mentioned earlier we had a great route, sunny skies, and comfortable temperatures for ridding in a car.  The fall colors were fantastic, brilliant reds, yellows, and orange, and all the trees were full of leaves.  Even as we headed north and came under some cloud cover the colors remained bright and vivid. You couldn’t have asked for more, and the drive on the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive was spectacular! 

The drive took most about three and one half hours to complete and ended in Elkhart Lake, WI, at Siebkens Stop Inn Tavern.  The tavern is located on Lake Street at the “Hard Left” corner which was part of the original 1951 and 52 Elkhart Lake street race course.  This was a fitting location for an end point where everyone gathered for lunch and some socializing surrounded with racing history, and a tavern covered in racing memorabilia. All entrants were given a copy of the Jim Swintal print “The Hard Left” showing “John Fitch leading the 1951 Elkhart Lake street race in a Cunningham C2R entering the Hard Left at Siebkens”.  Fitch was the eventual winner of that race.  Also maps of the original street race course were made available for those that wanted to take the drive and see the race course. 

It was a great day, an enjoyable event, and all that made the journey had a good time.  If you missed this event there will be more.  The GOATS are always looking for the next TOUR, and they are already scoping out some more backroads, and searching for a great end point where everyone can gather and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be left out, watch for the next TOUR coming in the spring 2024.