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October 2017 REMarks

September was a quiet month, Region-wise, with only 2 Chicago Region events were on the calendar – an evening Track Day event at Autobahn Country club on September 8th and our 6th Solo event of the season at RT66 Raceway on September 24th. I attended both; as a volunteer and participant for the Track Day and as a competitor in the Solo event. It felt good to get behind the wheel again!

Tee-Time Tour – October 14, 2017

The route for the tour is approximately a one hundred and thirty mile drive (about three to three and a half hours) providing scenic roads with plenty of turns and elevation changes. We have planned a mid-point stop at Hawks Mill Winery to provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the winery and the views from their estate. The end point will be at the Anchor in Newville Wisconsin, advertised as the “Hottest Spot on the Rock”. There will be a social hour with appetizers at the end of the tour and if you choose to grab a bite to eat they offer a variety of food items and craft beers.

August 2017 REMarks

Why do I even bother unpacking? This past weekend, July 29-30 was the second of 3 consecutive weekends I’ll spend a Road America working corners. The first was the vintage race weekend, this past weekend was the Milwaukee Region Cat Majors race, and this coming weekend is the IMSA weekend, for which Chicago Region provides staffing. I’m beginning to feel like a resident.

June 2017 REMarks

June 2017 REMarks

What did you do last weekend? How about the weekend before that? I just returned from the Indy 500, an annual tradition for myself and a group of friends that extends back to 1984. Several of these friends I see only at the Indy 500, yet when we do get together it’s like it was just yesterday.