Author: Chris Gregor

January 2019 REmarks

Hello Everyone, The holidays bring family and friends together and many times it comes with different opinions and perspectives. Our boards have a similar diversity. We usually work quite well on discussing with an...

December 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone, We just had the Chicago Region, SCCA Annual meeting that was well attended, thanks to all of you. I always enjoy seeing people at our race events and having a little more...

September 2018 REmarks

August 26th was the Geneva Concours. I wanted to thank everyone that helped and participated in a great event. Peg and Claire Ball were a huge help and Steve Laske did a fantastic job! The participants were awesome.

June 2018 REmarks

In road racing, few events can match the history and tradition of the June SprintsĀ® at Road America.Ā Consider that when the first June SprintsĀ® race was held at Road America in 1956, other iconic American race tracks, including Watkins Glen (completed in 1956), Laguna Seca (1957), Riverside (1957), Daytona (1959), and Mid-Ohio (1962) did not yet even exist.

May 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone, let the race season begin. Isn’t it great to see all your race friends again? The fact that we are race fans and not employees does not stop us from being extremely professional, dedicated, capable, an example for many other regions. (Incredibly humble for a bunch of volunteers) Chicago SCCA is a great region for many reasons, but I love it because of the people.